Policies of “well-being”

Policies of “well-being”

Yes! We have well-being policies!

Best price policy

Our “best price policy” means you never pay more than the best available option.

An example: Let’s say you went to the milongas of the night on Thursday and also on Friday and you liked it so much that you want to go also on Saturday (we hope it’s like that!). But instead of buying the single milongas, the “Finde” package would have been cheaper for you. With us you can change your Thursday and Friday tickets for the package and pay only the difference! In the case of the gala milonga on Saturday you get a discount of 5 Euros. And the package also includes the Sunday milonga!

There are no more wrong decisions! ❤️

Note: This can only be offered for classes and milongas, as long as there are places left. It can not be applied to packages with accommodation. The current prices of the day of change apply.

Policy of balance

Our “balance policy” means that we want a more or less balanced leader-followers relationship.

To achieve this we offer special prices for couples of leader and follower. Also we cannot accept too many leaders or followers, if there is a significant imbalance we will establish a waiting list.

We are convinced: With a good balance everyone will feel more comfortable. ❤️