Endre Szeghalmi

Endre Szeghalmi

DJ and organiser …

Endre Szeghalmi -- Cullera Tango Festival 2024

I’m in love with tango music, as a dj and as a dancer.

I’ve been to Buenos Aires five times, alltogether more than a year there. During that time I attended many different styles of tango evenings, and paid good attention to what factors make for a great dance evening. Moving from tanda to tanda, I choose my music carefully according to time period, orchestra and atmosphere.

I am organizer and DJ of the Budapest based castle milonga which is said to be among one of the most beautiful milonga venues of Europe.

… dancer, teacher and even champion!

Apart from DJing, Endre is an argentine tango dancer and instructor, he speaks 5 languages including spanish and loves blogging.

He is the winner of UK Tango Championship 2018, and four times finalist at the European Tango Championship. With his dance partner, Andrea Serban, they are the founders and teachers at the Tango Libre Budapest dance school.

We got to know him in Bellaria at the European Championships. It’s not his first time in Cullera, maybe you already know him! He’s amazing, a great person and dancer, it’s always entertaining with him, but with class. He’s a rogue and we love him.

Read one of his articles in his blog: