Cullera Tango Festival 2023

🎶 The Cullera Tango Festival is back in October! ❤️

19 · 20 · 21 · 22 October 2023

Cullera · Valencia · Spain

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Cullera Tango Festival 2022 - Art * Culture * Fun
Cullera Tango Festival 2022 – Art * Culture * Fun

At the Cullera Tango Festival we celebrate the Tango with dance, music, art… and we want to have fun!

Art · Culture · Fun

We bring together outstanding maestros to make the exhibitions wonderful and the classes deep. This year we are honored to have:

Of course, the best DJs and DJanes can’t be missing either!
This edition of the festival will be musicalized by:

Gabriel Sodini -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Gabriel Sodini
Marcelo Rojas -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Marcelo Rojas
Lucía Lerendegui -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Lucía Lerendegui
Olga La Cachila -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Olga La Cachila
Julio Tijero Cruz -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Julio Tijero Cruz

And what would a festival be without live music?
We have invited an excellent orchestra that has made us dance many times.
And an extraordinary violist will delight us at the gala!

Cadenero Tango -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Cadenero Tango
Cecilia Pekarek -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Cecilia Pekarek

To give even more space to the art of dance, we are pleased to present the winners of the
European Championship 2022.
They will share their passion for dance with us.

Chiara Luisi * Stefano Arioli -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Chiara Luisi * Stefano Arioli

And to complete the offer, well-being and body awareness must not be missing.
At the festival we have an experienced Chi Kung master.
It will be practiced on the beach, weather permitting!

Jorge Franco -- Cullera Tango Festival 2022
Jorge Franco

What else?

☀️ Sun, sea and beach

Cullera is a beautiful coastal town with a great sandy beach near Valencia. The weather in late September is ideal and the hotel is very close to the beach!

Mini Karte Ort

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Milongas ❤️

Milongas in a beautiful, large hall with an excellent selection of music. During the day more events with extras, which we call Aperotango.

1904 - Man dancing together en el rio

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📝 Lessons, seminars and workshops

At the festival you have the opportunity to take classes with the famous Maestros and benefit from many years of experience!

ChauVerano 2016 Clases Foto J-C

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🎁 Extras

There is always more to come!

We have a lot of ideas. Let yourself be surprised.

Art · Culture · Fun

🎶 We look forward to you! ❤️