Cullera Tango Festival 2021

🎶 We will meet in October! ❤️

21 · 22 · 23 · 24 October 2020

Valencia · Spain

A wonderful weekend by the Mediterranean sea with a lot of Tango and outstanding Maestros.

☀️ Sun, sea and beach

Cullera is a beautiful coastal town with a great sandy beach near Valencia. The weather in late September is ideal and the hotel is very close to the beach!

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Milongas 💕

Great milongas all nights with excellent DJs. During the day more events with extras, which we call Aperotango. Definitely many opportunities to dance!

1904 - Man dancing together en el rio

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Dancing lessons 📝

At the festival you have the opportunity to take classes with the famous Maestros and benefit from many years of experience!

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Shows 💕

In the gala milongas there are shows of the Maestros couples. Let yourself be impressed and inspired!
And we are preparing even more!

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🎼 Live music

We are still working on that and more for 2021.

🎁 Extras

There’s more to come!

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We are updating the data for 2021.

Relaxation · Art · Learning · Fun · Dance

* due to the global situation, participation cannot be confirmed yet

🎶 We look forward to seeing you! 💕