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Ezequiel Paludi * Geraldine Rojas -- Cullera Tango Festival 2024
Gustavo Naveira * Giselle Anne -- Cullera Tango Festival 2024
Miguel Ángel Zotto * Daiana Guspero -- Cullera Tango Festival 2023

Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero are an Argentine tango dance couple who have achieved international recognition for their outstanding…

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Sebastián Jiménez * Agostina Tarchini -- Cullera Tango Festival 2023

Sebastián Jiménez and Agostina Tarchini also do us the honor: Sebastián, world champion 2010 of tango pistaAgostina, world champion 2017…

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Maximiliano Cristiani * Ayse Gencalp -- Cullera Tango Festival 2023

Maxi & Ayse form a couple that transmits the energy of their embrace and their connection, transcending the skill of…

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