Info Covid

Info Covid

Update and information from 28 September 2021

Since 28 September 2021, not only dance lessons but also dancing in general is allowed again, both indoors and outdoors.

The hall available for the event has a capacity of up to 450 people. Depending on the type of use, a utilization of 50 to 75 percent is allowed. We limit access to approximately 100 people, in this way we ensure that distances can be maintained and that the dance floor does not get too crowded.

The dance lessons take place in a room with a capacity of up to 100 people. We allow a maximum of 15 couples to participate in a course, ensuring that distances can be maintained. We thus ensure the safety of the participants and also better teaching.

We offer free Covid rapid tests on site that anyone can perform on their own or with our help. We hope this possibility will help create a more relaxed atmosphere. Testing is voluntary!

free rapid COVID tests available

In addition, if requested, we can offer a special table for couples who want to participate but do not want to dance with other participants.

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Portal de Servicio Sanitario sobre Coronavirus – Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública – home page:

There exists the useful summary “Medidas Covid-19” (in Spanish):