Maximiliano Cristiani and Ayse Gencalp

Maximiliano Cristiani and Ayse Gencalp

Maxi & Ayse

form a couple that transmits the energy of their embrace and their connection, transcending the skill of their movements. 

Watching them dance transports you beyond the dance!

Maximiliano Cristiani * Ayse Gencalp -- Cullera Tango Festival 2023
Maximiliano Cristiani and Ayse Gencalp


Maximiliano Cristiani is considered one of the great teachers of today, known for his charisma, ability and system to teach. In the last 20 years he has managed to accompany hundreds of students in their professional development, whether in competitions or in their personal dance. His methodology is focused on functionality and not on dance style. He knows, without a doubt, how to discover the greatest potential in each student to find a comfortable dance and discover his own style. He has deeply studied social dance, salon and milonguero style, as well as the tango ¨escenario¨ and has also extracted the wealth of new techniques to apply them to social dance. His intense work does not end in teaching, he has currently made video productions such as ¨TIGRE VIEJO¨, ¨RECUERDO en LA VIRUTA¨, and the lactone short film ¨ANGEL¨, of tango that was first exhibited at the end of 2021. Considered the tango dancer with the highest number of titles obtained in the championships.  

Organizer of the official preliminaries MUNDIAL DE TANGO BA, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • World Tango Salon Champion 2013
  • Creator, dancer and actor in “Angel”, a tango short film
  • 2012 Champion Buenos Aires Tango Metropolitan 
  • 2012 Champion “Milonga” Metropolitan Buenos Aires 
  • Sub World Champion “Tango Stage” (2nd) 
  • Creator of the tango show “Tangostory”
  • Creator and dancer of the tango video clip “Tigre viejo” 
  • Creator and dancer of the tango video clip “Recuerdo”


was impregnated with the pure essence of tango in the last 20 years in Buenos Aires, an eclectic dancer who has managed to connect different dance styles. From the floor to the stage and from the stage to the floor, ‘achieving a level of quality in her Movements that connect with precision, strength and softness.