Dancing lessons

Dancing lessons
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Brief presentation of the Maestros

Claudio and Julia

Claudio González y Julia Hiriart Urruty
Claudio González y Julia Hiriart Urruty

Claudio González is one of the world’s most recognized dancers, teachers and choreographers, with Julia Hiriart Urruty being his dance partner for many years.

Both have in-depth knowledge of the fundamental mechanics of dance and body, the basis of everything, both in tango pista and stage tango.

They trained many professionals, including world champions.

With their experience you will improve movements, forces and connection in the dance couple, with appropriate figures for many levels.

Fabián and Josefina

Fabián Peralta y Josefina Bermúdez Ávila
Fabián Peralta y Josefina Bermúdez Ávila

Fabián Peralta and Josefina Bermúdez Ávila are a reference dance couple in the world of tango.

In 2006, Fabián became world champion in Tango Salón (now Tango de Pista).

They are the link between the old milongueros and the new dancers (our opinion).

They will enrich your way of seeing and dancing tango in an extraordinary way.

More details about the CVs can be found in the category Maestros.

Offered workshops

If you have a question or feel that we should add a topic, leave us a comment at the bottom of the page.

? Workshop 1 – Fabián y Josefina

¿Qué técnica es realmente importante para el tango?

La técnica de los 3 ejes, las 3 bases en el pie, la técnica de los 8 puntos, el abrazo.
El significado de las distancias y espacios en el abrazo. Eje vertical, eje interior, eje exterior,

? Workshop 2 – Claudio y Julia

Como usar tu cuerpo con una buena técnica

? Workshop 3 – Claudio y Julia

Diferentes formas de abrazo

? Workshop 4 – Fabián y Josefina

Giros con elementos complejos

Ganchos, Voleos para los líderes y los siguientes, cambio de dirección y cambio dinámico.

? Workshop 5 – Fabián y Josefina


Posibilidades rítmicas interesantes y estructuras armoniosas en el maravilloso Valsecito Criollo (Tango Vals).

? Workshop 6 – Fabián y Josefina

Tango estilo Villa Urquiza

? Workshop 7 – Claudio y Julia

Vuelos rasantes

? Workshop 8 – Claudio y Julia

Movimientos en velocidad y presicion

Clases con Julia y Claudio – Movimientos en abrazo cerrado
Clases con Julia y Claudio – Tango vals
Clases con Josefina y Fabián

ℹ️ We reserve the right to modify the workshops in order to improve the programme, add additional activities and to react to all kinds of unforeseen events.

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