Miguel Ángel Zotto and Daiana Guspero

Miguel Ángel Zotto and Daiana Guspero

Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero are an Argentine tango dance couple who have achieved international recognition for their outstanding performances and contributions to the art of tango. Their collaboration began in the early 2000s and since thenthey have become one of the most celebrated couples in the tango world. Together, they have performed in numerous shows and festivals around the globe, wowing audiences with their stunning technique, innovative choreography, and undeniable chemistry on stage. Beyond their dance accomplishments, Zotto and Guspero are also recognized for their commitment to preserving the traditions of Argentine tango and passing on their knowledge to future generations.

We are so excited that they will be with us in Cullera in October! We feel very honored! ❤️

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artistic biography

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Miguel Angel Zotto, has been dancing the tango for over 39 years, recognized as a true icon among the tangueros, is currently the greatest representative of Argentine tango in the world, who after learning it from the best tango masters of Buenos Aires (Rodolfo Dinzel, Antonio Todaro, – whose style for Zotto represents the real tango – Pepito Avellaneda, Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, Finito Ramón Rivera, Petróleo (Carlos Estévez), Virulazo (Jorge Martín Orcaizaguirre) and his famous dancer Elvira), has the merit to have spread it, made it known and taught it practically on almost all continents.

In particular, Miguel Zotto deserves credit for having spread Argentine tango in Europe, about 20 years ago: first in England, then in Germany, up to Italy and gradually to all European countries.

Born in 1958 in Buenos Aires, he grew up listening to tango with his grandfather and with his father who was a dancer and actor. In Buenos Aires he has always been highly appreciated in the tango environment, just as in the world he is considered a real guru of Argentine dance par excellence; for this reason since 1991, only a few years after his entry into the world of “professionalism”, he has been recognized with the «María Ruanova Award», the most important prize for Argentine dance, awarded annually by the “Consejo Argentino de la Danza” (it is the first time that this prize has been awarded to tango). In 1999 he won the “Positano” prize, one of the highest awards for dance awarded in Italy and the following year, in 2000, he was elected among the three greatest tango dancers of the century, the only one of the three who remained active.

In 1988 he founded his dance company TANGO x 2, the only tango company recognized worldwide today and now a hallmark and professionalism, and for which Miguel A. Zotto created and choreographed, always accompanied by the best musical formations, numerous tango shows. Spectacular productions with which Zotto has performed in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe and Japan.

In February 2011 Miguel Angel Zotto was among the guests of the opening night of the 61st edition of the Sanremo Italian Song Festival. The presence of Zotto among the international guests at the Sanremo Festival has once again consecrated to the general public how much his skill and experience are confirmed and recognized worldwide.

In various periods of the year Miguel Angel Zotto together with his dancer Daiana Guspero, carries out an intense teaching activity in Italy in the main European capitals as a Tango teacher, participating in numerous tango festivals and events.

Miguel Zotto with the Tango x 2 company, in 2011 and 2012 was on tour in Europe and in particular in Italy with his latest show Puro tango , which met with considerable critical acclaim and was sold out in almost all the replicas.

From October 2012 MA Zotto moved permanently to Italy in Milan and opened, in the same Lombard capital, the ZOTTO TANGO ACADEMY – ZOTTO STUDIOS together with his dance partner and first wife Daiana Guspero, the first true European academy completely dedicated to Argentine Tango.

At the same time, in parallel with the teaching activity held permanently in Milan, Miguel Zotto and Daiana Guspero continue their artistic activity during 2012 on the best Italian theater stages, in particular with the show Zotto en Concierto de Tango .

In 2013 Miguel Zotto was invited as artistic director to curate the closing party of the tenth edition of the Mito Settembre Musica International Music Festival , with an evening dedicated to Argentine Tango. The result is a great party that filled the spaces of the East End Studios location in Milan with the show “Lo MITOs del tango y mas” followed by a night of milonga until dawn.

Another show that has had resounding success is Tango por Dos , staged on 17 December 2013 in Rome, at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, on the occasion of the birthday of Pope Francesco Bergoglio, who strongly wanted Miguel Zotto and Daiana Guspero, with the their Compagnia Tango x2, to organize an evening of authentic Argentine tango show that could go to charity in support of a cause chosen by the Pope himself.

Reviewing 2014, after its success in Rome, the Tango por Dos show , with 13 artists on stage and a live Orchestra, arrives in Milan at the Teatro Nuovo on the occasion of Valentine’s Day – February 14, remaining on the bill for two weeks and registering an exceptional sold out in theaters in almost all the reruns.

2014 is also the year in which Miguel Zotto creates a new production “Bailando con Zotto” which after a few dates in Italy, is staged in some cities in Germany and arrives in Rome in September filling the Foro Italico.

In May 2014 alongside the new production, Miguel Zotto with one of his latest successes, the Puro Tango show, travels together with Daiana Guspero and the Tango X2 Company in Latin America for a short tour in Chile and some other cities in Argentina.

In the same year he also participates in the famous “Gala Stelle della Danza” organized at the Roman Theater in Verona, in 6 performances by the famous producer Julio Alvarez, to represent Argentine Tango alongside other international performers. From Rebecca Rasmussen and Steven Marshall of the Momix group, Miguel Angel Berna (“the Paganini of castanets”) with his company and the Danish group Robotboys, world icon of “robotic” dance. The Gala does not lack classical dance performed by Yoel Carreño and Melissa Hough of the Norwegian National Ballet. The Gala also had the special participation of the great British mime, choreographer and dancer Lindsay Kemp.

Between 2015 and 2016 Miguel Zotto and Daiana Guspero if on the one hand they experimented with collaborations in different theaters with new orchestras including I Virtuosi Italiani and with Xena Quintet Tango, on the other they also dedicated themselves to new projects.

Including the opening of two new locations of their Tango Academy, one in Verona and the other in Scorzé-Venice.

Among these we mention in June 2015 at the Arcimboldi Theater the tribute to the most famous representative of Argentine Tango, the master, dancer, choreographer Juan Carlos Copes, on the occasion of his retirement from the European scene. Miguel Angel Zotto creates and directs a large and composite production that brings together on the stage of the Teatro Degli Arcimboldi in Milan, some of the most recognized couples of internationally famous Argentine dancers and masters together with representatives of Italian tango schools.

Another noteworthy production dated 2016 is “Tango: an act of love” that Miguel Zotto with his Tango X2 Company and Daiana Guspero stages specifically to celebrate the New Year in Spoleto in collaboration with the Festival dei Due Mondi.

The show Tango: an act of love after making its debut in Spoleto goes on tour in Sardinia with 6 performances.

For the 2016/2017 season a new and spectacular production keeps Miguel Angel Zotto busy and on tour in Italian and European theaters together with Daiana Guspero and his TANGOX2 Company: it is Raices Tango .

The roots, the strength, the emotion of dance. The show is a journey through the history of tango. It starts from the wild power of the Indians of the New World, to then explore the folklore of the evenings around the fire of the Gauchos of the South American pampas. On stage, the public can witness the development of tango as the dance of the people of Buenos Aires, the compadritos, the Italian, French, German, Russian immigrants who meet in dance halls and courtyards, amidst poverty, youth and hope. A popular dance that of the tango that transforms at the end of the show, as in its history, into a dance between elegance, refinement, passion, sensuality and full of emotions.


After the Raices Tango tour, Miguel Angel Zotto dedicated himself to writing his first book “Te Siento” published by De Agostini Editore in May 2018.

Not only dance, but also love and life. In “Te siento” Zotto recounts his life full of extraordinary things – from a popular barrio to stages around the world – which is intertwined with the history of Argentine tango and its most beloved protagonists, but also with many technical secrets and amusing anecdotes related to this dance. And when the most sensual art of dance joins the experience of life, one can only discover a unique and fascinating point of view on the subject of couple relationships.

The cornerstone of the book is what tango can teach us about masculine and feminine, in a world where men and women are looking for new arrangements for relationships.

Because if it is true that men and women come from different planets, when they meet on a track and embrace in a tango embrace they discover a new, universal language: to communicate, to rediscover the warmth of human contact, to recover a more authentic relationship and deep with themselves and with each other.

In December 2018 Miguel Zotto and Daiana Guspero participated in the XXVI edition of the Christmas Concert in the Vatican.

Link to video – https://bit.ly/2kp2oVs

In 2019 Miguel Zotto returns to the theater again with a new production entitled “Te siento … Tango”, a show based on his book “Te siento. The secret language of tango and the art of the couple” (De Agostini Planeta, 2018).

More about the show:

Another important event that takes place in 2019 is the assignment of Miguel Zotto of the role of artistic director of EL PORTENO PROHIBIDO, the first tango house in Europe, based in Milan in via Macedonio Melloni 9, managed by the Melloni srl company. Miguel Zotto creates a special show entitled “Prohibido” staged in the new location completely dedicated to Argentine cuisine and culture, as well as the diffusion of Argentine Tango.

Translated with translate.google.com. You prefer the original in Italian? Please find it here: Miguel Ángel Zotto – Biografia 🇮🇹



Translated with translate.google.com. You prefer the original in Italian? Please find it here: Daiana Guspero – Biografia 🇮🇹

Daiana Guspero is one of the most esteemed and appreciated professional dancers and teachers of Argentine tango internationally.

She began dancing tango from a very young age, following a training dedicated to Argentine folk dances.

Since 2007 she has been dancing in pairs with Miguel Angel Zotto, carrying out an intense activity as prima ballerina in the TangoX2 Company shows, performances in major international festivals and events and, as a teacher, in Masterclasses, seminars, stages and courses.

Daiana Guspero is love for dance, passion for tango, poetry written by the sensual and delicate flow of her body on stage, on the stage as on the milonga track.

Hers is a unique expressiveness, thanks to the great sensitivity and grace that distinguishes her in the tango female panorama, made up of subtle nuances capable of expressing the essence of the nostalgic feeling that is the tango.

Daiana Guspero has succeeded in bringing her elegance, sensuality and passionate expressiveness to the major theaters of Buenos Aires, to the most prestigious European stages, up to the major venues of Asia, China and Japan in a short time.

Since 2012 he has founded together with Miguel Angel Zotto the Zotto Tango Academy , the European Academy of Argentine Tango based in Milan, where he teaches tango, milonga and vals as well as Argentine folk dances.

Translated with translate.google.com. You prefer the original in Italian? Please find it here: Daiana Guspero – Biografia 🇮🇹